How does Pterostilbene compare to Resveratrol?

Resveratrol started the revolution in advanced high potency natural alternatives to synthetics and invasive treatments.  Its health enhancing potential has been substantiated by hundreds of medical researchers and published in over 3,500 in vitro, animal, and human clinical trials and studies. 

Pterostilbene is a derivative, also called an analog, of resveratrol which has been found to have potential neurological benefits even superior to those of pure resveratrol. It is also being intensively studied for a range of other health properties.  Animal trials have shown it to be non toxic even at high doses.

Both Pterostilbene and Polydatin are known to enhance the bioavailability of resveratrol. 

The polyphenols contained in Pteromax greatly increase the efficacy and potency of the resveratrol, polydatin and pterostilbene.   They also provide a uniquely potent antioxidant effect.

Polydatin is a rare analog of resveratrol which increases the half life of resveratrol in the blood and tissues and improves the efficacy of the pterostilbene in PteroMax.  It is a superior antioxidant to resveratrol.

The complex of polyphenols in PteroMax is designed to mimic the distribution of these antioxidants in the grape and the Japanese Giant Knotweed.  This complex also contains all of the super fruit extracts found in Bio Quench and additional OPCs. These potent polyphenols are not contained in any resveratrol alone supplement. 

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